Friday, October 13, 2006

Those flashing blue lights were no police escort for Bryson

If you happened to be driving down West End Avenue in Nashville yesterday afternoon and noticed the Metro police cruiser - blue lights flashing - snuggled up next to Jim Bryson's campaign bus, you might have wondered if the candidate had hired a police escort to get him through traffic.
Not a chance.
The cruiser in question had stopped to ticket Bryson's bus for illegal parking.
According to an eyewitness the size of Bryson's bus - the candidate likes to call it his big bus (yea I know...there's lots of speculation about why Bryson seems fixated on size comparisons...)- did not obviously intimidate this particular officer.
No word on the size of the fine his campaign was slapped with.


Blogger Bill Hobbs said...

A parking ticket is usually $10 or $20.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and the Bredesen administration continue to refuse to return tens of thousands of dollars looted from the retirement funds of people who trusted 1Point Solutions. But of course Bredesen's campaign treasurer used to be a 1Point lobbyist...

9:25 AM  

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