Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seismic shockwaves are coming out of East Tennessee

Today conservative political analyst Frank Cagle has endorsed Harold Ford Jr. for the U.S. Senate. Cagle's endorsement was published in today's edition of the Metro Pulse, a Knoxville alternative weekly.
Cagle's endorsement of Ford is guaranteed to send seismic shockwaves throughout GOP political ranks in East Tennessee and across the state.
Cagle's conservative GOP roots are undeniable, and his action today underscores the climate of chaos in the state GOP that's been created by Bob Corker's campaign.
In his endorsement, Cagle states that Ford is an independent voice who will "shake up" things in Washington while Corker "is not a change agent...he's establishment to the core."
Not one to mince words, Cagle states that a "Corker vote rewards big government conservatives, other criminals, perverts."
In a parting jab to Corker's new campaign manager Tom Ingram, Cagle writes that GOP voters should not think that a vote for Ford is a sign of "not showing party loyalty." He goes on to write that "Corker's campaign manager Tom Ingram will be voting for Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen in the same election...if it doesn't bother Corker, it shouldn't bother you."


Blogger Nashvillean said...

Thanks for forwarding this ... I wonder why it isn't bigger news?

One would think that Ford would want to trumpet this from the Smokies to the Mississippi.

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