Monday, October 02, 2006

My friend Tom Ingram ain't God

If any of you reading this post doesn't like the fact that I am involved in politics in Tennessee, don't blame me, blame Tom Ingram.
Nearly a generation ago while looking to my next move having served my time in D.C. working for Al Gore, I ran into Tom Ingram and he invited me to return to Nashville, join his firm and put down roots.
If it wasn't for Tom Ingram and the opportunity he gave me, I probably would have ended up being someone else's pain in the ass in another state, in another place.
While I wouldn't claim to be a close drinking buddy of Tom's, I did spend some quality time over many years seeing from the inside of projects how Tom thinks and works, which is why I frankly respect the hell out of him. He's got smarts and he is THE master Jedi of message.
That said, I still believe camp Corker has pinned too much hope on what even Tom Ingram can do to turn around their failing campaign.
At this stage the problem is way more fundamental than message.
With just days to go before early voting begins, the problem is that voters don't like Corker's character and everything he stands for.
New messages (even a red pickup truck prop in an ad) will not be enough to convince voters that Corker is to be trusted.
Corker's still refusing to come clean about his sources of income.
Corker's unsuccessfully dodged questions about his use of influence as Mayor to engineer a sweetheart land deal for one of companies.
Corker's been busted for using illegal aliens on a project of his in Memphis.
Corker's even lied in a recent tv spot to his mother about his record as Mayor fighting crime.
Tom Ingram may be the best the GOP has to offer when it comes to message.
But my friend Tom Ingram ain't God, and only God at this stage can change this candidate's character and then convince voters that the change is for real.


Blogger Rob said...

I have heard "rumors" of a new Corker ad. It will show a family tree and then lay in the Ford Family relations and highlight what they were accused of doing while in office/business .
The tag line voice over is " Harold Ford , JR, The apple doesn't fall far from the Tree."

Has anyone else heard of this negative ad or when the Corker camp is going to run it?

2:21 PM  
Blogger The P&L Prophet said...

Brilliant political insight, Mike. Bob Corker (Republican) 50.7%; Harold Ford, Jr. (Democratic) 48.0%.

My one-sentence insight: no way in hell Tennesseans were ready to elect an African-American to the US Senate, especially a Ford from Memphis.

4:46 AM  
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