Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Corker's "Delta mud lump"

Some years ago a friend of mine who grew up in the Mississippi Delta region told me about a little known - but ever present - geologic phenonmenon known as a "Delta mud lump." In short, a "mud lump" is a mound of clay that builds up in Gulf water areas around the mouth of the Mississippi River, rising unexpectedly from the water to lift a ship while spewing a noxious gas. When a ship hits a Delta mud lump, my friend told me, it's never a pretty sight.
Today Bob Corker had his own version of a Delta mud lump appear suddenly in the form of a stinging expose in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The article focused on a cozy relationship Corker had with a Memphis-based investment firm called Delta Capital Management.
The story (click here to read for yourself) has put Corker on the defensive over allegations that as Mayor of Chattanooga he helped his friends at Delta - with whom he once had financial relationships with - garner a huge chunk of the City's pension fund to invest in start up ventures.
All this is more bad news for Corker whose campaign seems to be stuck in a perpetual defensive tailspin going into the final days before the election.
Worse yet, the story comes on the heels of a series of other revelations and allegations in recent weeks over how Corker used his public office to further his personal financial gain, and while Corker maintains his insistence on refusing to fully disclose sources of income to the public.
How much worse can things get for Corker?
It's anyone's guess.
But I can't think of anyone I know - Dem or Repub - who doesn't see Corker's as a campaign in total chaos.


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