Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bob Got Mail

Email records for ex-Chattanooga Mayor Bob Corker released under an open records request show that Corker was not afraid to use his taxpayer funded, city hall email account while on the public dole to get updates on Freeliant - one of his private sector business investments. He also used his city hall email account to schedule meetings with business partners, and to make calls on behalf of and pass along contacts he'd developed as Mayor on to Freeliant.
Corker's misuse of the city's email account comes days after news got out that Freeliant got $3 million from Delta Capital Management, a Memphis-based venture capital fund. Delta Capital got the business under Corker to manage the city's pension fund.
Corker's mouthpiece says their candidate did nothing wrong. His mouthpiece said
Corker's involvement with Freeliant was as a "passive investor."
Passive - smassive.
Smart voters who are fed up with the Corkers of the world who see public office as a means to a personal financial gain end see it otherwise.


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