Friday, September 22, 2006

So what's a candidate to do?

On the one hand Bob Corker wants voters to take him seriously when he says he's tough on illegal immigrants. But now he's facing very public facts that illegals once worked on one of his construction projects in Memphis. The facts surrounding the hiring of illegals is well documented (unlike the dudes who did the work for Corker on the project).
Harold Ford, Jr. takes the posture that employers who hire illegals should be held responsible. Corker seems to be a tad soft on that argument.
So what's a candidate to do?
Seems to me Corker's got three options:
- act as if no one is paying attention, and hope to God that no one is paying attention
- fess up to the facts and ask for forgiveness from voters
- attack Ford for being "a liberal" and try like hell to change the subject.
Any guesses on what option Corker will take?