Friday, September 15, 2006

Last time I checked Corker's the only former mayor running for the U.S. Senate around here

Bob Corker's camp, forced to defend his record as Mayor against the backdrop of a new democratic party ad that spotlights the failures of Chattanooga's emergency 911 call system on his watch, today began circulating a Nashville City Paper editorial that points out that other Tennessee cities have also suffered from breakdowns in their 911 call systems. The City Paper made an editorial stretch that because it has been a problem elsewhere, raising the issue in this U.S. Senate race with Corker is somehow off base. The City Paper even suggested that raising this important issue calls into question Democrats' values.
What a load of horseshit! A failure is a failure is a failure. Just cause someone else screwed up on their watch does not make Corker's screw up any less a failure.
The way I see it the problem did happen on Corker's watch, and since Corker is the only former mayor of a Tennessee city running for the U.S. Senate, the issue must be raised and Corker must be held accountable.
Here's what's ultimately at stake:
If Corker screwed up as Mayor, just imagine what he would do as a U.S. Senator.