Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beaver alert

When I wrote the post about mae "angry" beavers and her hissy fit last year demanding a bigger office and other choice committee perks and appointments and threatening to resign and abandon her constituents if she didn't get her way, I didn't realize just how desperate she might get in her re-election bid this go around. That is, until I stumbled across a blog post by mark a. rose who shared info on her democratic opponent Bob Rochelle that rose attributed back to angry beavers.
I responded directly to rose's blog, but in the event that my comment never makes it to the front end of his you go:
- rose said angry beavers is claiming that rochelle is speaking out of both sides of his mouth when he criticizes rising gasoline prices since he supported state gas tax increases when he previously served in the state senate...the truth is rochelle is right to criticize big oil companies who are raping the american public with price hikes designed to feed record corporate profits...he was also right to support increases in the state gas tax to pay for better roads that help to create better jobs for Tennessee...huge conflicting message here
- rose said angry beavers is claiming that rochelle is on the payroll of all 3 utility districts in his neck of the woods, hinting that this is a sin...the truth is that rochelle's law firm does some legal work for only one of the utility districts...not a sin, and certainly not what she claims it is...rose added that angry beavers claims rochelle is profiting from being the legal counsel for the joint economic development board back home...the truth is that rochelle is a "volunteer" attorney helping the board...volunteer as in "unpaid"
- rose ends his post by stating that angry beavers claims rochelle took cash from an indicted lobbyist in a previous campaign...the truth is that rochelle fully disclosed any and all contributions to every one of his races in accordance with state election laws, and that the contribution she references was not cash, but a check, which was disclosed and was made to rochelle's campaign years before the lobbyist got in trouble with the law.
So why would angry beavers stoop so low as to feed garbage and baseless lies to a blogger instead of being more forthright and above boards with her attacks? Did she really count on the blogger revealing her as the source of this trash? Hmmm...let's see...maybe she has nothing else to say to voters that would really matter in her race. Maybe she is so desperate at this late stage in the election cycle that she will say or do anything to win her re-election.
On that point, we'll just have to leave it up to voters in her senate district to speak their mind on angry beavers' brand of politics.