Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is the party over yet?

Today Bob Corker is celebrating his 54th birthday with a party in Chattanooga.
Tonight, after the candles have been blown out and the celebration ends, Corker will likely head home and reflect on how his day has gone.
In keeping with that sentiment, permit me to offer my own assessment of where things seem to stand with respect to what's probably most on Corker's mind these days - his U.S. Senate election prospects:
- New internal tracking by respected Ford pollster Pete Brodnitz shows Ford up by 2 percentage points over Bob Corker among Tennessee voters, and shows Corker's negatives climbing by 10 percentage points since Corker went on the air with his $6 million pro-Bob tv ad blitz, while Ford's favorables went up from 47% to 55%.
- 47% of Tennessee voters are unfavorable toward President Bush...the same President Bush that Corker is bringing in to campaign for him next week ("welcome to Tennessee Mr. President...things have changed a little since you last graced us with your presence").
- Ford is getting credit for running "one of the smartest campaigns of the year" by major national political analysts, who credit Ford's energy, his straight talk and his refreshing message.
- The National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education today endorsed Ford (following on the heels of the Tennessee teacher organization) stating that Ford "clearly understands the problems facing public schools and has a proven record in support of the issues facing education."
- Ford came off a major bus tour across parts of Tennessee last week that saw hundreds of grass roots supporters turn out in areas of the state once believed to be Republican strongholds.
- Despite an endorsement from a D.C.-based national right to life group, Corker got snubbed this week by Tennessee's Right To Life activists who refuse to support him (even though he is the GOP nominee) because they are angry over over Corker's flip flopping record on abortion.
- Corker's lawyer filed a motion on primary election day to hide details of all of developer Corker's land deals...his campaign said "the actions taken were completely ethical and consistent with the public good," not "sneaky."
- One such land deal that occured when Corker was Mayor of Chattanooga is now starting to raise seems Mayor Corker decided to have public lands paved for a development project with ties to developer Corker.
With all that to absorb, I suspect Corker might end up having a tough time tonight catching on some much needed sleep.
I further suspect that Corker might even wonder if the proverbial party was already over, even before tonight's celebration.


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It is refreshing to hear a voice of reason in the state. Keep up the good work.


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