Friday, August 25, 2006

Another black eye for the Tennessee GOP's Ken Whitehouse just broke a story minutes ago about the arrest of Shirley Ward, president of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women, by the TBI for voter fraud. Ward, according to Whitehouse, turned herself in to authorities who are charging her with voter fraud stemming from allegations that she knowingly voted in the wrong district in a Tipton County Commission race to influence the outcome of that race.
Ward's arrest is problematic for the GOP across the state on numerous fronts - primarily at the grassroots level. To have the president of a prominent statewide Republican activist group arrested for voter fraud will no doubt sting throughout the ranks of the Tennessee GOP. The impression on voters who read and hear of the arrest and subsequent stories about the allegations of voter fraud will be anything but positive. Those same voters will begin going to the polls to vote in less than eight weeks. The arrest may also be an embarrassment to Ward's son, Jeff, who heads and who recently endorsed Bob Corker for the U.S. Senate.


Blogger Ned Williams said...

What was the "[]other black eye"?

1:10 PM  
Blogger JB said...

The impression on voters who read and hear of the arrest and subsequent stories about the allegations of voter fraud will be anything but positive.

Do you think there will be "subsequent stories" about Shirley Ward? No one outside of hardcore Republican activist circles knows who she is. Now State Sen. Jerry Cooper, who was indicted this week, will probably have a few follow up stories.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

No one has been meaner than Jeff Ward in this Senate race and in other things as well. Jeff makes you look like Mary Poppins.
Open and shut case of karma.
Check GOP's relentless attacks on Ophilia Ford...and if you'll remember, he went nuts when Rob went after his Mom.
As head of TeamGOP and someone who works with his mother in politics and as recent as last year, was working with her in her office, perhaps it would be wise for him to step aside for the good of the GOP. Or not. Scratch that. Keep him. That will help democrats.
Republicans constantly try to link Harold to things his family may or may not have done, so you don't think it's fair to link TeamGOP's main mouthpiece, Shirley Ward's son, to this when she has admitted to voter fraud? In case you didn't notice, Shirley is listed as the tresurer--handles those donations that go to the PAC--wonder where that money was spent?
Illegally? Could be. It's much more likely there is a link to Shirley Ward and wrongdoing by TeamGOP with her handling the money than there is to Harold and is crazy family.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

From her official bio:
President, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

In the fall of 2005, Shirley Ward was elected as the 17th President of the Tennessee Federation of Republicans Women at its 25th Biennial Convention. Shirley brings a lifetime of experience that began in Memphis politics in the 1970’s.

In 2004, Shirley was named Deputy Chairman of W Stands for Women. Shirley served as County Chairman for Senator Frist and Van Hilleary and was Co-Chairman for Bush/Cheney twice. She was the Financial Director for, and served as Finance Director for two congressional campaigns and several state house.
Shirley was elected twice as President of the Tipton County Republican Women where she was named Republican Woman of the Year. Shirley served as Vice Chairman of the Tipton County Republican Party and Vice Chairman of the 8th Congressional District Republican Coalition.

(This investigation is far from over)

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Blogger Sharon Cobb said...

It's going to be really hard to sell Shirley Ward as small potatoes in the Republican Party.
Look at who donated to her organization!

Message from TFRW President Shirley Ward:


A little over a week ago we had a great board meeting and I believe one of the best Iris Fund Luncheons we have every had. Shirley Curry as our chairman did a great job. Shirley has traveled all over the state at Lincoln Day dinners taking up money for the Iris Fund. We raised $16,500.00 for the event. Phyllis Streiff as chairman and her committee did a great job with the silent auction. We made $1760.00 from this event. This was made possible by the many $500.00 table sponsors that we had. I want to publicly thank each one of them and the support they give to our Federation. They were:
Governor Don and Mrs. Martha Sundquist,
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist,
U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander,
Congressman Marsha Blackburn,
Congressman Zach Wamp,
Former State Party Chairman and gubernatorial candidate Jim Henry,
State Senator Mark Norris,
State Senator Ron Ramsey,
State Representative Steve McDaniel,
Bob Davis and the Tennessee Republican Party,
Representative Joey Hensley, M.D. and
candidate John Worley.
When you see these folks please tell them thank you. We also want to thank Phyllis Streiff for obtaining our mystery guest. We had Virgil Gibson who was one of the lead singers with the very first Platters. He donated his time and we allowed him to sell his tapes. I also want to thank all of the clubs that were represented and the donations that each and every one of you made to have made this fundraiser for our Iris Fund such a success. I hope that if your club has not sent a donation to the Iris Fund that you will do so. These upcoming elections are so important and with your help we can support candidates for the State House and State Senate and we can take over the House and Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to thank Bob Davis for allowing me to meet Vice President Cheney and Mrs. Cheney during their recent visit to Nashville. It was the most awesome experience to be waiting at the foot of the steps as he and his wife got off the plane and to be able to talk to both of them one and one and spend a few minutes chatting. I appreciate Congressman Blackburn lifting up the Tennessee Federation to him. As I watched the plane fly in and land I thought only in America could you feel this great and proud to see your Vice President. I thought of the great stress that is put on our leaders and in deciding how to do the right thing.

I also want to extend an invitation from Chuck Blackburn to you to Congressman's Marsha Blackburn's birthday party. It will be on June 2, 2006 at the New DI Sports Training Facility at 7115 South Springs Drive, Franklin, TN 37067 ( in Cool Springs behind Jonathan's in the former Recreation World location). The time is 6:00 pm till 9:00 PM The cost is $54.00 per person and you can send your checks to Marsha Blackburn for Congress, P.O. Box 682185, Franklin, TN 37068 or go to Congressman Blackburn is the highest ranking Republican Woman in our state. She had done Lincoln Day dinners all over the United States. As I have traveled to Washington and received emails from the Presidents all across this United States our women are so impressed with her. She has done such an outstanding job and we know from the stand she took on the income tax that she is not afraid in standing up for what she believes. She may be little in frame and statue but she is a bombshell in Washington for getting the job done. We thank her for her commitment to the Tennessee Federation and her commitment to all Republicans across the United States and wish her a very happy birthday from all Republican Women from one end of this state to the other.

I want to say congratulations to Scottie Selmer who is the Federations's Press Secretary and Public Relations Chairman. She was married last week and was a beautiful bride. I don't believe I have ever seen such an enthusiastic bride. She was married in the Legislature Plaza and it was a beautiful wedding and the rain held off.

I want to remind each of you to keep up with your campaign hours monthly and turn them in to your chairman. I want to thank each and every one of you as you help candidates across this state and the work that your are doing to help elect Republicans.

Again let me thank you for allowing me to serve as your President.

Shirley Ward, President
Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

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February 02, 2006
Message from TFRW President Shirley Ward

I hope that many of you had the opportunity to see the President of the United States at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee on February, 2006.

It was an exciting day to be on stage with the President and the First Lady and to represent each and every one of you as your President of the Tennessee Federation of Republican Women.

I want to personally thank Stephanie Chivers for arranging the tickets and help that she provided. Most of all I want to give my sincere thanks and appreciation to Senator Lamar Alexander for allowing me to represent our Tennessee Federation of Republican Women on stage with the President. Also a special thank you goes out to Patrick Jaynes, Senator Lamar's Field Director, for taking such good care of me and taking care of all of the details. I was impressed that one young man could spend as much time helping me as I am sure he did a host of others. I also want to thank Commissioner Joe Johnson for being my official driver, first time I ever had a driver, as well as his lovely wife, Mary Jane Johnson, who is also the Federation's Chaplain, Linda Roberts, Federation's Historian and Robbie Scott, South Tipton's Vice Chairman for accompanying me.

I also want to thank my escort, Reuben Watkins, Bledsoe County's Party Chairman as well as one of TeamGOP Directors for taking such good care of me. Also thanks go out to the Federation's Press Secretary, Scottie Semler, for sending out the press release and calling me on my cell phone to tell me to put on lip gloss. (She was looking out for my appearance) Thanks also go out to the Federation's own board member, Robin Smith, for helping keep me informed about the event.

The Tennessee Republican Party, with Bob Davis leadership, did a great job in organizing the event and having it run very smoothly. The list of performers and stars that were present were just awesome.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Litz said...

A little OT but if I recall, Ann Coulter knowingly voted in the wrong precinct in Fla. I haven't heard a peep about any charges being filed in this prominent conservative's case, last I heard the matter was "under investigation."

12:19 PM  
Blogger Litz said...

Ned Williams said...
What was the "[]other black eye"?

The GOP hiring "Liberty Consultants" to register voters ...

12:19 PM  
Blogger Ned Williams said...

If Liberty Consultants is a "black-eye" for Republicans, then how many black eyes must the Democrat Party have over the countless negligent and possibly illegal "incidents" of Democrat 527s? The Dems are just better about hollering than Republicans.

3:19 PM  
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