Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vampire bunny cameo in campaign mail piece

I couldn't resist sharing an observation about a campaign mail piece that has made its way to my desk this week. It's a piece sent out by a candidate running for state representative in the upper cumberland region of the state.
The mail piece from Chuck Womack - a local Cookeville doctor - combines positives about himself ("doctor who has cared for all our families") with sharp attacks on his two opponents ("power hungry has-been politician"; "lawyer for the debt collector"). But that's not what caught my eye.
In a photo alongside the statement that Womack is the "doctor who cared for all our families" sits Womack with a sweet faced little girl in his lap, listening intently as the candidate reads from the book "Bunnicula."

That's in vampire bunny (Bunny meets Dracula) that sucks the juice out of vegetables and terrorizes the family pets. Titles from the "Bunnicula" series of books include "It Came From Beneath The Bed", "Nighty-Nightmare" and my personal favorite - "The Celery Stalks At Midnight."
For what it's worth, I might have chosen a different children's book title to showcase on a campaign mail piece - perhaps something more apropos like "Oh, the Places You'll Go."