Friday, June 09, 2006

Corker - maybe you should have pulled a Groucho instead

Bob Corker should have followed the wisdom of Groucho Marx - when pressed by reporters for a truthful answer on the issue of his hiring illegal aliens to work on a Tennessee construction project he should have said "quote me as saying I was mis-quoted."
He should have, but he didn't. Instead, Corker's camp, including the candidate, went on record giving five different answers over five days about his knowledge of the incident to reporters. The most recent being a total admission of guilt on the matter.
Click here to see an interesting post (What is Bob "The Fraud" Corker Hiding?) outlining Corker's bizarre five for five strategy.
Maybe Corker thinks that giving multiple answers will lull reporters and ultimately voters into some sort of spin trance.
Fat chance.
The immigration issue is a hot button and any candidate like Corker who dodges the truth about their respective record is going to get torched.