Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A sinking ship...well, you can finish the rest...

The Washington Post reports (4/17/06) that "anger at Bush may hurt the GOP at the polls." According to the latest WAPO-ABC News poll, 47 percent of voters "strongly" disapprove of Bush's job performance, with only 20 percent who said they "strongly approve."
The Post goes on to state that in 2002 - the last go around of midterm elections for the Bush Administration - the President had 42 percent of voters strongly approving of him, compared to 18 percent in strong opposition.
What a difference a war with no end in sight, a few extra hundreds of billions of dollars added to the federal deficit, a raising of the debt ceiling, a White House scandal over CIA-related leaks, and some serious snafus over homeland security can have on one's public persona.
Arguably, no one can be certain of what this means for the November elections.
But if a rising tide lifts all boats, one might assume the opposite is true.