Tuesday, April 25, 2006

If Bush now says we're screwed on the energy front then we must really be...well, screwed.

President Bush today announced that we are in for a long summer of energy shortages and rising gas prices. Bush's prediction for the summer comes less than 30 days before the summer kicks off for most American families, once again proving his knack for planning ahead.
Among the many revelations by the President today were the following:
- we must stop price gouging at the gas pumps, and states should do something about that
- we probably need to stop stockpiling oil for emergencies since we are in the middle of a f-ing crisis
- gas prices are going to remain high
- oil companies should invest in alternative fuel sources and build new refineries.
The President added that his tax breaks for the profit-rich oil companies might need to be reconsidered.
Meanwhile on the Tennessee political front, GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn declared that the current energy crisis is the fault of environmentalists who complained about drilling in environmentally sensitive areas of our nation (check out guerillawomentn.blogspot.com for a copy of Marsha-Marsha's release).
God, tell me this is just a bad dream.