Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This southern boy will eat Mary's lamb any day!

The Democratic National Committee is heading toward the prospect of adding a southern state to the early roster of states on the presidential nominating schedule.
It appears that someone in D.C. has finally recognized the fact that having a state like New Hampshire - think 96% white, less than 2 percent Latino, and .07% African American - may not be truly reflective of the diversity that makes up the modern day Democratic party.
Give that rocket scientist a Nobel Prize!
New Hampshire's Secretary of State is threatening to move up their state's presidential vote if another more diverse state is put ahead of it on the calendar for 2008.
Any state that boasts being home to the author who penned "Mary Had A Little Lamb" is no threat to the rest of the nation (see history on Sarah Josepha Hale, Newport, New Hampshire author, 1830).
States interested in being considered are to submit proposals by April 14th to the Party's Rules and Bylaws Committee. State pitches will be made at the DNC's spring meeting April 20-22.