Monday, March 13, 2006

Taxpayers get snowed by Snow

5th district U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper has joined fellow congressional moderate and conservative fiscal hawks in demanding "more honesty and accountability from the Administration" when it comes to reporting the federal deficit and government spending to taxpayers. Cooper and members of the Blue Dog Coalition were specifically critical of recent claims by Treasury Secretary John Snow that the deficit in 2005 was $319 billion. Cooper says the deficit is actually more than double that - north of $760 billion. Cooper's charges were echoed by the Comptroller General of U.S. who said the model used by the Bush adminstration "provides a potentially unrealistic and misleading picture" of the federal budget.
Why does any of this matter to average Joes like me and you?
I like a good game of Monopoly like anyone else, but our tax dollars ain't play money and it just makes good sense for our leaders - from Bush to Congress - to be more transparent with the truth.