Thursday, March 09, 2006

GOP Congressman Wamp makes a cameo appearance in Bob Corker's nightmare

Bob Corker has got to hope it's all just a bad dream.
He sees himself standing alone - bare-assed naked - in front of a spotlight.
His nightmare is playing out this way:
- more than two thirds of Americans and a majority of Tennesseans are against your position to turn over control of America's seaports to an Arab firm.
- your fellow Chattanoogan Zach Wamp, the only Republican in Congress to endorse Corker, has now taken a stand against a deal, voting to kill it in a House Appropriations Committee vote yesterday;
- your principal Democratic opponent - Harold Ford, Jr. - has cut a TV spot that is airing all over the state - taking a strong stand against the deal arguing national security reasons;
- because of Ford's stance, the respected National Journal publication reports today that Ford is getting the upper hand in the Senate race;
- your position has just been endorsed by Exxon and other multi-national corporate interests who argue that America needs more foreign interests buying our debt and controlling more of our businesses;
- and the Arab firm that created this political firestorm is moving aggressively to take control of the seaports, hoping to make it more difficult to oust them once they have control of all operations.
A nightmare?
Sorry Bob, it's not a dream.
And you can't just click your heels and go home again.