Friday, March 31, 2006

Can't stand the heat in your campaign kitchen? Start some fires elsewhere.

He started the week learning that his losing streak had continued over the weekend in GOP grassroot polls around the state.
He woke up midweek to a breaking 911 emergency scandal in his own political backyard.
Everywhere he looked he saw his likely democratic opponent Harold Ford Jr. being interviewed on substantive policy issues.
What is Bob Corker to do?
Step 1. - abandon earlier promises of staying positive and launch an attack on his GOP primary rivals.
Step 2. - dodge media calls about the 911 scandal, and instruct your political director to deny that any 911 problems ever existed in Chattanooga.
Step 3. - buy a shitload of paid media slots and tee up an ad campaign to tout the same conservative principles that everyone - Democrats and Republicans alike - have been calling into question.
Problems he may encounter in taking these steps?
1. Promising not to go negative and then going ballistic on his rivals doesn't sit well with voters. Not to mention the fact that attacking rivals for taking $$ as DC lobbyists while he wines and dines DC lobbyists for their $$ raises eyebrows.
2. The media is digging up facts that point to a serious 911 problem under his watch as Mayor - translation: the story has legs.
3. Spending so much $$ this early in the primary season sends a signal of desperation, not to much the fact that he is spending so much $$ this early in the primary season.
Things have been heating up in the Corker campaign kitchen this week. So why wouldn't he try to start fires elsewhere. A word of warning - sometimes the end result is that the candidate himself gets burned in the process.