Tuesday, February 07, 2006

wonder if Tennessee's three GOP US Senate amigos will "smoke Dutch cleanser"

Following the news coverage of yesterday's US Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing into President Bush's domestic spying program, it occured to me that - to my knowledge - none of the Republican Senate candidates running for Bill Frist's seat have publicly declared where they stand on the issue of giving the President total free rein to spy on anyone, anytime, anywhere, without any prior consent by Congress or through the courts.
This issue creates a tough internal GOP party balancing act for Bryant, Hilleary and Corker - are they fighting terrorists or are they permiting government intrusion into the private affairs of American citizens.
Judiciary Committee Chair Arlen Spector (R-Pa) got testy with Bush's Attorney General Roberto Gonzales, who argued that the Constitution gives President Bush undisputable powers to conduct warrantless spying despite a statute aimed at requiring the Presidnet to seek court approval.
Spector, according to today's Washington Post, said of Gonzales - "he's smoking Dutch Cleanser."