Thursday, February 09, 2006

three amigo GOP US Senate candidates refuse to blame drug companies and prescription drugs for contributing to rising health care costs

Also worth noting about today's US Senate candidate's forum hosted by TPA, the three GOP candidates refused to admit that pharmaceutical companies are in part to blame for rising health care costs for American seniors and families.
In a question about what should be done to curb health care costs posed by TPA forum moderator Clint Brewer, the 3 GOP candidates identified tort reform and the expansion of health savings accounts as the answers to America's health care access and cost crisis. Each of the candidates were given multiple opportunities during the forum to address the pharmaceuticals role in health care, but all three went out of their way to avoid addressing drug costs.
In contrast, both Democratic candidates - Harold Ford and Rosalind Kurita - were quick to note that drug prices were out of control. Ford added that there was a need to build more clinics that offer less expensive health care allocation solutions to patients and the medically needy. Ford said drug costs and emergency room care were the two major factors behind rising health care costs.