Thursday, February 02, 2006

spinning his wheels in political mud

Down in Tullahoma, a local state representative - GOP Rep. Judd Matheny - has apparently decided that his time would be better spent spinning his wheels in the political mud than tending to the job he was elected to perform.
Matheny - in case you've missed the ongoing saga being played out in some media outlets - was the victim of some emails that called into question his character. If you know anything about Matheny, questioning the man's character is like fishing for trout during spawning season - with Matheny there seems to be an endless supply of questionable attributes to call into question.
Turns out the source of the emails was a former political opponent of Matheny. His opponent fessed up and resigned his state job.
End of story?
Not with Matheny.
Word is Matheny has filed a defamation lawsuit and is threatening to drag a host of other government officials into the fray.
Granted he had a right to be mad about the emails, but with all the pressing issues facing his constituents - education funding, infrastructure challenges, job growth and retention, access to quality health care - you'd think his time would be better spent doing the people's business than filing legal briefs.
And legislators wonder why folks consistently rank them lower than used car salesmen in poll after poll.