Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Karyn and Bill Frist - "Oh The Places You'll Go"

A friend just shared me with an e-card she received from Karyn Frist, wife of US Sen. Bill Frist, who invited her to send Bill a birthday greeting. Seems Bill's birthday is Feb. 22 and Karyn believes he needs a diversion from reading the liberal Washington Post news headlines that day (I'm not making this up folks!).
The e-card went on to say that she (Karyn) is proud of Bill for supporting the President's war in Iraq, and for putting right wingers on the US Supreme Court. She also shared that his favorite cake is carmel. Pretty much the standard birthday message you or I would send to or about a loved one.
The catch in sending this birthday greeting is that it really isn't a birthday greeting to Bill. What happens once you click that greeting button on the e-card is that your info - email address and any other info you provided in the message - is captured by VOLPAC, Frist's political fundraising operation. Upon sending the message, the sender quickly received email requests for $ from VOLPAC.
You may recall that Frist's political fundraising dealings and operations have been the target of a Federal Election Commission probe.
So what about this message from Karyn Frist? My guess is that since the good Senator's favorability ratings are in the toilet and his name has become synonomous with questionable judgement, the powers behind VOLPAC decided that this go around they would get more mileage and find more suckers using Frist's wife as the lead shleper.
I wonder how Karyn Frist feels about all this? Did she knowingly and willingly allow her good name to be used in a fundraising ploy disguised as an innocent birthday greeting for her husband? It's a far cry from lending one's name to the list of Swan Ball organizers.
But I suppose when it comes to the Frists these days - as another famous Doctor once wrote - "Oh, the places you'll go."