Friday, February 24, 2006

Coop's In The House!

I'll get the disclaimers out of the way on the front end of this post.
I'm an unabashed fan of 5th district Congressman Jim Cooper.
I helped him in 1994 when he was the only Democrat who had the balls to run hard for Al Gore's old Senate seat against the GOP tsunami that washed the blue out of most of Tennessee, and I helped him again when he ran for Congress and won in 2002.
That said, what's up with all this nonsense I hear from some folks (you know who you are...don't make me call you out) that "Coop" may not run again for his 5th district congressional seat?
I frankly believe I could stuff all of you Cooper re-elect nansayers into my Mini Cooper and still have room for a great dane, my dirty laundry and a family bucket of KFC in the backseat, so I know the talk is not widespread. But like anything in politics - it's not how many are talking about a rumor or how many actually believe it, it's all about whose spreading it.
So I ask, humbly and respectfully, shut the hell up!
Coop's got his game on.
Our Congressman ain't going nowhere.
I've heard from well placed sources (and seen for myself) that he is running like there is no tomorrow - filling his calendar with appearances all over the district, and bouncing from one briefing and hearing in D.C. to the other like it's finals week. I contend that because his intellect is greater than the collective intellect of all media in this entire freaking city, he doesn't get the headlines he deserves for all he does day in and day out as a Congressman - here or in D.C. Heck, if I were a reporter trying to cover Cooper I wouldn't dare write anything down for fear he would see through my shallow understanding of policy issues. So I can sort of understand how ridiculous talk about Cooper not running again might take some root when mainstream media don't cover him regularly.
The cool thing about Cooper though (for those new reporters who have not followed him), is that he doesn't wear his ubber-intellect on his sleeve. He's got a dry wit and a firm handshake, and approaches folks with Gomer Pyle-like finesse...Cooper says "Hey."
That's why I suspect he will not have any real opposition for his seat when the filing deadline rolls around in April. People of all political persuasions like Cooper. He's got compassion wrapped in smarts.
So, to those who may covet the 5th district seat or who may want to pretend they are in the know, give it up.
Coop's in the House!