Friday, January 20, 2006

zinging zogby

Clint Brewer/The Lebanon Democrat 1-20-06
Zinging Zogby
Congressman Harold Ford Jr.’s U.S. Senate campaign claims to have had a little fun with the latest Zogby/Wall Street Journal interactive poll.
The new fangled Zogby polls are taken over the Internet rather than through traditional, telephone polling methods. The polls also allow participants to self-register.
Ford pollster Peter Brodnitz with the Benenson Strategy Group said at least two members of the Ford campaign registered for the latest Tennessee Senate race poll under wildly false names, including “Bob Corker” who they identified as a member of the Green Party.
Corker, of course, is the well-heeled fund-raising frontrunner in the Senate race for the GOP.
“The problem with the Zogby poll is there is no quality control,” Brodnitz insisted. “A couple of guys on the campaign made up people and joined the panel.”
The latest Zogby interactive poll on the Tennessee Senate race showed Ford trailing all three Republicans in the field.