Sunday, January 22, 2006

is this the same Bob Corker who attacked Harold Ford Jr. for raising $ from out of state???

This from

Bob Corker Triple Talk
Plans To Skip Memphis Debate To Host D.C. Fundraiser Exposed
January 20, 2006
BRENTWOOD, TN - After helping select the date of the first Senate debate, Bob Corker’s plan to skip that debate in Memphis to hold a Washington D.C. fundraiser was exposed. Previously, Corker announced he would be unable to attend the debate because he was attending the State of the Union address. “After Bob Corker helped set up the first U.S. Senate debate, it was
disappointing to learn that he had chosen to skip the debate in favor of going to Washington to watch the State of the Union address,” stated former federal prosecutor and four-term congressman Ed Bryant. “However, it is disheartening to learn that the real reason Bob Corker has chosen not to participate in the debate is because he is hosting a fundraiser in Washington. “I, on the other hand, am looking forward to the first debate in Memphis and I am sure all Tennesseans are hoping Mayor Corker will reconsider his priorities and participate in this first Senate debate and view the State of the Union address with me and other Tennesseans immediately following the debate.”

Corker Called Bryant Proposal Of Six Televised Debates A “Great Starting Point.” Corker: “Debates will give voters the opportunity to hear directly from us on where we both agree and disagree. That’s something the voters deserve …” (Corker Press Release, 12/20/05)
Corker Helped Select The Date Of The Debate. “The Main Street Journal was in contact with the Corker campaign beginning in October and consulted with each of the campaigns in setting the date. … At no point during the planning of the debate did the Corker campaign, or any other campaign, suggest that the date be changed in order to avoid being set for the same day as the President’s State of the Union address.” (Main Street Journal Website, 1/16/06)
Corker Announced He Was Going To State Of The Union Address Instead Of Main Street Journal Debate In Memphis. (Tennessee Journal, 1/13/06)
Newly Discovered Invitation Shows Corker Plans To Host Washington, D.C. Fundraiser Instead Of Participating In Memphis Debate. “[M]eet Tennessee Senate Candidate Bob Corker Wednesday, February 1 * … Washington, D.C.” (Corker Fundraising Email, 1/19/06)