Friday, January 27, 2006

if you run into Bush in Nashville next week...ask him..

...why he wants to keep secret the details of Jack Abramoff's (lobbyist who pled guilty to felony and conspiracy/fraud charges) mtgs at the White House, despite the fact that 76 percent of Americans want details fully disclosed (a new ABC news poll that shows bipartisan support of full disclosure)?
...if he truly believes our nation is safer now than it was five years ago?
...if he truly believes the Iraq war has made us stronger?
...if he truly believes we should feel more secure knowing the job his Administration did during Katrina?
...why he thinks Americans will trust him when he says to trust him (because his trusted advisors say he should trust them) that our civil liberties are not being violated by the domestic spying his Administration is engaged in?

(with apologies in part to EJ Dionne Jr., who raised some of these questions in his op-ed 1/24/06 in the Wash Post)